Legal Market and Demand: “What Employers Want”

The Cayman Islands are the most sophisticated and successful offshore business centre, and the world’s fifth largest financial centre. The legal system is based on English common law, together with local statutes which have modernised and modified the common law in a way suitable for an offshore financial centre. Lawyers still tend to work ‘London hours’ in Cayman but benefit from working on the offshore end of the deal and are therefore better able to manage their workload. In addition, salaries in The Cayman Islands tend be to the highest of all offshore centres.

Principal areas of demand:
- Corporate
- Banking & Finance
- Funds
- Commercial Litigation
- Insolvency Litigation
- Trusts

The main firms include:
- Appleby
- Campbells
- Carey Olsen
- Collas Crill
- Conyers Dill & Pearman
- Forbes Hare
- Harneys Westwood & Riegels
- Maples & Calder
- Mourant Ozannes
- Ogier
- Solomon Harris
- Stuarts Walker Hersant
- Travers Thorp Alberga
- Walkers

Because of the very apparent financial, lifestyle and career progression incentives for lawyers to relocate to the Cayman Islands, the bar is understandably very high. By and large, lawyers that move to the Cayman Islands will have a flawless academic record and have trained, qualified and gained relevant post-qualification experience at a market leading firm in another commonwealth or offshore jurisdiction.

Beyond the academic and technical; the headcount at offshore law firms tends to be much lower than at the mainland firms from which lawyers tend to come. As such, the ‘personality fit’ in the office is essential. The firms look for confident, affable enthusiastic and well-balanced individuals with excellent communication and interpersonal skills.