Of all the offshore locations, the British Virgin Islands offer the most natural and unspoilt landscapes with an exemplary Caribbean climate and, as a lawyer, a privileged lifestyle.

With regards to infrastructure, the BVI is a less polished jurisdiction than say the Cayman Islands or Bermuda. The legal work available is amongst the best in the world, however in terms of lifestyle, this is a jurisdiction for the more ‘adventurous spirited’

If you’re not a sailor when you arrive, chances are you will be when you leave as the British Virgin Islands offer some of the best sailing in the Caribbean. The crystal clear waters allow for outstanding diving on pristine coral reefs while for those that like to stay dry there are a plethora of land based recreational activities available to you including, horseback riding, mountain trails, golf, rugby, cricket, tennis and squash.

There is a thriving ex-pat social scene and a good variety of bars, pubs and restaurants. Whilst many singles relocate and there is a lively social scene, generally the island is more suited to couples and young families. The schools and hospitals are of a high standard and the crime rate is remarkably low. There is no public transport so most professionals purchase a car upon arrival. New and used models are readily available; with a reliable second hand 4x4 likely to set you back $3500+ (and, yes, you will need a 4x4).

Obviously, there are too many lifestyle considerations to accurately explore all of the options available to you here on this site, so to get the best possible idea of whether your bespoke needs will be catered for, please contact one of our expert consultants directly.