Location Overview

Split into 4 main Islands, Bermuda is actually the oldest UK overseas territory and lies in the North Atlantic Ocean rather than the ‘Caribbean Sea’.

Location: 620 miles East of North Carolina or 1100 miles North East of Miami

Description: Comprised of over 130 Islands totalling over 50 square miles

Climate: Subtropical

Wet season: (Summer) May to September with average temperatures ranging from 26-30°C

Dry season: (Winter) October to April with average temperature ranging from 21-25°C

Government: UK Overseas Territory with a parliamentary government

Currency: Bermuda Dollar (US$ widely accepted at a rate of 1:1)

Income Tax: 4.75% Payroll Tax

Main Business Centre: Hamilton

Population: Roughly 69,000 of which around 25% are expats

Main Industries: Tourism and Financial Services

Official Language: English

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