Legal Market and Demand: “What Employers Want”

Bermuda is a leading international business jurisdiction and is the world’s third largest reinsurance centre after London and New York.

The most hotly sought after practice disciplines in Bermuda are:
- Corporate
- Banking & Finance
- Funds
- Commercial, Insolvency and Finance Litigation
- Insurance / Re-insurance

The largest firms include:
- Appleby
- Attride-Stirling & Woloniecki
- Cox Hallett Wilkinson
- Conyers Dill & Pearman
- Harneys
- Mello Jones & Martin

Given the high salaries (and payroll tax of a mere 4.75%), beautiful beaches and semi-tropical climate Bermuda is a very attractive destination for lawyers. As with all the legal hubs in this part of the world though, competition for roles is fierce and the bar for success is very high.

Lawyers that move to Bermuda will have an excellent academic record that has allowed them to train, qualify and gain relevant post-qualification experience at a market topping firm in a commonwealth or offshore jurisdiction.

Perhaps equally important, firms also look for confident, affable, enthusiastic and well-balanced individuals with excellent communication and interpersonal skills.