Living & Working in Australia

For 20 years, Taylor Root has been the market leading legal recruitment team in Australia and we have a dedicated team of specialist Australian recruiters based in London, Sydney and Melbourne. Demand for quality lawyers across Australia is exceptionally strong right now, so whether you are an Australian contemplating a return home, or a British lawyer looking at your options down under, this is an ideal time to make your move and experience what Australia has to offer.

There are many reasons why lawyers relocate to Australia. The most obvious reasons include the lifestyle, weather and the more enjoyable commute to the office. But there are also good professional reasons to make the move. A move to the region can prove beneficial for candidates and after a number of years abroad often return home with greater employment options. Corporate, M&A, Banking & Energy/resources lawyers are currently very much in demand.

Guide to Living & Working in Australia
Our Living & Working in Australia guide aims to give you an overview of making a move to the region, give you an introduction to the different cities and what you can expect when working there. You will also find some helpful information around salaries, the lifestyle as well as some insightful first hand accounts from lawyers who have already made the move.

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