Banking & Financial Services

For banking and finance lawyers seeking positions within Continental Europe, this is still a fairly niche and very local market. As each country imposes it's own regulations on it's own Banking sector, is typical for most banks and financial companies to look for locally qualified lawyers who know the regulations and local law. That said, most of the larger international banks still employ lawyers from overseas although in almost all circumstances, these lawyers will typically be completely fluent in the language of the country that they are operating within. Hence, for lawyers with no European language skills (other than English), opportunities to work in house within the banking and FS sector are few and far between.

The set up of some of the bank's in house legal teams also differs greatly to the UK model of specialisation. As such, most in house legal teams in, for example, France employ the broader model where lawyers practise across a range of areas as opposed to specialising in an y given area. Germany seems to fall somewhere in between the UK and French model. Another major banking / FS hub for Europe is Luxemburg, especially within the funds world and overseas lawyers often secure in house positions here although again, fluency in one other European language is normally essential.