The European legal market from an in house perspective is still some way behind the same market within the UK. Whilst of course the concept of having lawyers working in house is nothing new in Continental Europe, the size of these departments is far smaller than the UK, in house teams and whilst UK, in house legal departments can boast in excess of 250 lawyers in some instances, European in house legal teams tend to operate in a much leaner fashion with most teams comprising 5-10 lawyers. The structure of in house teams across Continental Europe also differs and, for instance, in France it is common practice for in house lawyers not to specialise in a specific area but rather to generalise and thus work across a range of different areas.

Post 2008, perhaps the most noticeable change in the European (legal) market is the emergence of Switzerland as the new home for scores of multi-national organisations seeking to take advantage of the attractive tax regimes that Switzerland has to offer. The result has been a surge of in house legal departments appearing within these organisations making Switzerland, Geneva and Zurich in particular, the most buoyant of European regions when it comes to in house legal departments. The salaries on offer here also far outweigh any packages that are on offer elsewhere in Continental Europe including, in many instances, salaries in the UK. This is largely down to the cost of living being so high.

Outside of Switzerland, France and Germany are the two other main locations where organisations continue to have reasonably large and established in house legal departments although unlike Switzerland where the teams are very international, the in house teams in France and Germany are in many cases made up of local lawyers. Clearly there are many other European jurisdictions where in house legal teams continue to grow, most notably Luxemburg, Brussels, Spain and Holland but the departments within these countries, on the whole, remain smaller in number.

For all positions based in Switzerland, Taylor Root works exclusively with Accurity who are our Swiss based and licensed partner. All selected applications will be forwarded by Taylor Root to Accurity for processing according to Swiss law.