Taylor Root attend ECLA Annual General Assembly

On 31 March 2017 ECLA held its Annual General Assembly in Rome, where the national association AIGI acted as host. The agenda had its usual topics, such as the annual accounts, communication, etc. There was also discussion on the goals and future of ECLA, for which the new President Jonathan Marsh has made an appeal to the national associations.

Nicoletta Ravida, Miriam Kuepper and Giulia Natale from Taylor Root were delighted to attend the informative and insightful event.

ECLA Event - Rome - March 2017

About ECLA:
ECLA is the umbrella organisation for 20 company lawyer associations in Europe and represents common interests of European company lawyers.

ECLA was created in 1983. It is an international non-profit association governed by Belgian law. Membership is open to national associations only. While individuals are not members of ECLA directly, each company lawyer, who is a member of a national association, can share the benefits ECLA negotiates. These include discounts to conferences, legal education, training, free publications and more.

During the past almost 30 years, ECLA has gained recognition as the leading representative of European company lawyers associations and their individual members. In this unrivalled position, ECLA has a platform to respond to and influence the European in-house corporate counsel network, European organisations and policy making bodies.