Recommendations & Tips

There are a number of things that you should do first when considering your next move as a newly qualified socilitor:

• Talk to your recruiter
• Decide what you would like to do in the future
• Agree upon best strategies (including specialisation and firm)
• Avoid disappointment by career planning

  1. When to look?
    This will depend on market conditions. The better the market, the earlier you can look. As a general rule, September-qualified candidates should start looking in March, and February/March-qualified candidates from October.

  2. Choosing a recruiter
    You need to choose a recruiter you trust, who has the market coverage to look at all your options and who will best represent you in the marketplace. Find out what previous NQ’s say about Taylor Root.

  3. Meet your recruiter
    It’s essential you meet your recruiter. A CV can only tell so much about you.

  4. Prepare a CV
    This is a vital part of the process. Work closely with your recruiter to produce the best possible CV.

  5. Agree a strategy
    Work with your recruiter to compile a list of target firms. Be realistic: consider a first tier and a back-up tier of firms to approach.

  6. Prepare for interview
    Use your recruiter. Different firms and different partners have different approaches. Conduct mock interviews. Visit Taylor Root for more interview advice.

  7. Conduct interviews
    Be yourself. Don’t act.

  8. Receiving offers
    Your recruiter will keep you informed of the outcome of each interview and let you know of any offers made.

  9. Decision time
    Often it is a case of deciding whether your other offers are better than staying on at your own firm.

  10. Acceptance
    Once the decision is made, inform all parties. Send a polite email or letter to any firm whose offer you turn down, as you never know if you might want to approach them again in the future.